Top 10 Movie Theater Chains by Size

Since their inception, movies have been a beloved pastime for people throughout the world. But for technological advances and improvements in cinema since Thomas Edison’s time, movie theatres remain one of the best ways to watch films.

This essay is going to list some of the largest movie theater chains across the globe, which makes it even easier for you to understand this topic.

Largest Movie Theater Chains In The World by Size

When we look at the cinema, it is impossible to miss out on the biggest movie theater chains that rule this industry. Not only shape our experience of movies but also form popular culture in a great measure.

These giants offer everything from big-budget blockbusters to indie gems, with historic sites dating back decades and modern multiplexes boasting state-of-the-art technology among their ranks.

Then let us take a trip through some of the largest movie theater chains in existence today, as well as explore what keeps them captivating audiences worldwide.

1. AMC Theatres (10,059 Screens)

Top 10 Movie Theater Chains by Size

This is the first entry on today’s list of theatre chains: an American company, AMC Entertainment Holdings, Inc. AMC was set up in Kansas City in 1920 and it claimed to be the pioneer in several movie-going features.

So, for many years, AMC Theatres has enjoyed the position of a market leader. Moreover, AMC Theatres is famous for its services to the general public, with over 1,000 theater locations across America and Europe.

In 1981, AMC Theaters became the first multiplex (movie theater with several screens) and the first theater chain to add cup holders to their armrests so that patrons could drink whilst watching their favorite movies.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic period, like all other film houses, AMC experienced gross decrease in profitability, thus dropping from pre-covid earnings of approximately $5.5 billion per year. However, this seems to be a thing of the past, as there are signs of a comeback by this corporation, which still dominates this industry. About 40,000 staff members are employed by this business globally.

2. Cineworld (9,189 Screens)

Top 10 Movie Theater Chains by Size

The British movie theater chain Cineworld Plc, which is the first to show up on this list, is ranked number two. The 10 countries in which Cineworld operates are United Kingdom, United States, Ireland, Israel, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Hungary, et al. It was founded in 1995 and has its headquarters in London, England, UK.

Cineworld was the only cinema in Britain not permitting food or drink until it piloted its new premier service, that provided leather seats and hot meals with table service. For instance, the overall revenues of Cineworld decreased significantly by approximately £852.3 million to some extent. Nonetheless, even though Cineworld remain searching for inventive ways of recouping lost income,.

3. Regal Cinemas (6851 Screens)

Top 10 Movie Theater Chains by Size

Regal Cinemas is the second-largest chain of cinemas in the United States and third-largest globally. Regal Cinemas, which has its headquarters in Knoxville, Tennessee, USA, was established in 1989. It transformed itself from Regal Entertainment Group (not to be confused with a Filipino film production company called Regal Entertainment) during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic.

During that period, however, Cineworld, which is number two on this list, bought out Regal Cinemas. Nevertheless, the firm operates enough independent theaters to rank highly on this list. With 549 locations across 26 states of America, Regal cinemas employs over 26,000 full-time as well as part-time workers.

Regal Cinemas disclosed its partnership with PepsiCo on January 7th, 2020, naming it as its primary supplier of non-alcoholic drinks. It was a major step because it broke Coke’s monopoly over supplies to three leading cinema chains worldwide.

4. Cinépolis (6,629 Screens)

Top 10 Movie Theater Chains by Size

Cinepolis, Mexico’s biggest movie house chain, features in today’s top five list. The motto for the film house states that it is “La Capital del Cine” which means “City of Cinema”. This company was started by Enrique Ramrez Villalón in 1971 and has currently expanded its network to Guatemala, England, Colombia, Spain, India, Saudi Arabia, and the United States, among other countries; they now have 335 theater locations.                                                                                  

Cinepolis is the largest Latin American cinema owner, with over 27k employees around the globe; e.g., Mexico itself as well as Panama, Spain and Costa Rica are some examples. It boasts an innovative concept of “luxury cinemas” for such customers.

5. Wanda Cinemas (4648 Screens)

Top 10 Movie Theater Chains by Size

Another chain in Asia ranked tenth on the list of the top largest movie theater chains. This is Wanda Cinemas, a Chinese-based film theatre line situated in Beijing. Wang Jianlin and his Dalian Wanda Group own it, having been founded in 2005. With 187 cinemas in China, Wanda Cinemas is the biggest movie theatre company there.

In 2018, Shanghai Wujiaochang Wanda Cinema introduced China’s first ever LED cinema screen. This LED cinema screen is above 10.3 meters wide with an ultra-clear 4resolution as well as peak brightness that is ten times more than that of regular projection equipment.

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6. Cinemark Theaters (4426 Screens)

Cinemark Theaters

Next on the list of companies is Cinemark Theatres, which is based in the United States. It was founded in 1984 and now has branches at 525 locations across North and South America, as well as Taiwan. This market leader holds a 30% share of Brazilian movie theatre industry.

Famous for its high-quality and well-sized theaters, this film brand has a mission to expand further across other regions with strong operating discipline that leads to more efficient performance.

Almost twenty thousand individuals are working either full-time or part-time for Cinemark. On average, the employees’ stay here is about 3.1 years, which means that there is really no problem with their retention.

With the temporary shutdown of all Cinemark cinemas worldwide in 2020, this company’s profitability dropped significantly over the last few years. Prior to COVID-19, Cinemark had an annual turnover of about $4.644 billion, but the firm is hunting for ways to make good on lost revenues.

7. CGV (4,207 Screens)


The next cinema chain on today’s list has an Asian representative. CGV, which is the first Asian-based company mentioned in the list, is a South Korean chain of movie theatres. Thus, CGV happens to be South Korea’s largest multiplex film theatre chain, with 455 branches in countries like China, Indonesia, Myanmar, Turkey, Vietnam and USA.

CJ Corporation, Golden Harvest Films and Village Roadshow Pictures were three film companies that founded the corporation in 1996. CGV employs more than 1,790 workers across seven different nations worldwide.

The firm is well recognized for its state-of-the-art multiplex cinemas. Through the CGV Cinema Chain, American audiences get exposed to some of the finest films from Asia which are not easily available elsewhere.

8. Cinemex (2,866 Screens)


The second-largest movie chain in Mexico is Cinemex, with outlets located in Guadalajara, Tijuana, Monterrey and Mexico City. It was founded in 1993 and has so far been competing with Cinepolis, the largest movie theatre chain in Mexico.

Movie theatres on this list are different from all others because they mostly serve people of their countries only. On the other hand, Cinemex opened its first luxury cinema, located at Miami, Florida. Thus, bearing the essence of effort talent and passion, as well as valuing innovation and happiness for its consumers’ sake, is a goal set by Cinemex.

9. Vue (2,400 Screens)


Another movie theater chain on the list today is Vue International. Ranked eighth on the list, this is the second-largest British theater chain. It was established by Timothy Richards in 1999 in London, England, United Kingdom.

OMERS Private Equity (OPE) and Alberta Investment Management Corporation (AIMCo) each acquired an equal stake in Vue International during 2013. Nine different countries are home to its 225 locations, which include UK, Germany, Italy, Netherlands and Taiwan. The company has nearly four thousand employees and multiple stadium seating auditoriums to choose from.

10. Cineplex Entertainment (1676 Screens)

Cineplex Entertainment

Cineplex Entertainment is the only Canadian entry in this list of the world’s largest movie theater chains. Famous Players Film Corporation, which came into being in 1912, marks the beginning of this prestigious company. The present company was established officially in 1999 and is spread all over Canada.

Cineplex Entertainment is a major corporation with about 13,000 employees and offering up to 164 theatre sites. Before COVID-19, the firm registered earnings amounting to around $1.655 million CAD per annum. Lately, Cineplex has been involved in arcades, restaurants and virtual reality centers.


The 10 largest movie theatre chains in the world are very different from each other while providing a wide variety of options for cinema-lovers worldwide. They range from huge multiplexes to small boutique theaters that cater to many tastes and preferences. Some companies’ dominance over others is made apparent by this list, but it also shows just how far-reaching watching movies at cinemas is as a global culture. These companies continue to change with technology so that they can give new experiences to people who visit them while keeping alive the wonder of films that everyone should have access to. Whether you want an old-fashioned movie experience or want all the latest features, these rankings will make your trips more exciting and deepen your passion for movies. So go out there today and watch something fun at one of these best theaters!


Do these chains have a system for frequent cinemagoers to reward their loyalty?

Yes, many of these chains offer membership programs and loyalty rewards for frequent moviegoers.

Can I book tickets online for all the theaters in these chains?

Yes, most of the theaters within these top chains provide the option to book tickets online for convenience.

Do these movie theaters serve food and drinks?

Yes, most of these theaters have a variety of food and beverage options available for purchase.

Are there any special deals or discounts at movie theater chains?

Yes, they often run special promotions, discounts, and offers so that customers can save on tickets as well as snacks.

How many screens does the largest cinema chain operate?

The largest cinema chain could operate thousands of screens worldwide in different locations.

Can I reserve seats in advance at these theaters?

Yes, many large movie theater chains allow customers to reserve specific seats in advance to ensure a more comfortable viewing experience.

Do they employ advanced sound systems and projection technology in such theaters?

Yes, big movie theatre companies usually use state-of-the-art sound systems and projection technologies to improve watching movies on their screens.

Can you host private events or parties at some of those cinemas?

Some large movie theatre companies have event spaces where you can hold private screenings or parties, thereby giving people an opportunity to enjoy tailored cinema experiences.

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Top 10 Movie Theater Chains by Size