15 Best Hindi Movie Reviews Websites

Are you tired of scrolling through endless movie review sites searching for the perfect one-stop destination for all your film critique needs? Well, look no further! In this digital era where everyone’s a critic, wading through oceans of movie reviews can be daunting.

Whether you’re a cinephile who wants deep analysis or just need a quick verdict before heading to the theater, we’ve got your back. With so many websites offering reviews of movies, it is easy to get lost in the noise.

But fear not! We have done some curating ourselves and found what we consider to be 15 of the best sites that not only give great critiques but also help expose hidden gems while avoiding cinematic disasters.

Top Websites to Read Movie Reviews

These platforms range from trusted critics’ opinions all the way too user-generated ratings; they offer different perspectives catering to every type of movie lover out there. So grab some popcorn, because this is going to be one wild ride through cinema unlike anything else you’ve ever experienced!

1. IMDb

Movie News Websites

The Internet Movie Database (IMDb) is a site that provides Hindi film reviews. Set up by IMDb.com, Inc., in October 1990 as a searchable database for film-related information, this website has become one of the most popular and reliable places to find out about movies made in Bollywood or elsewhere.

Besides movie ratings, genres, cast, and crew details with trivia included, IMDb offers a wide range of categories, such as reviews and more. Hindi movie reviews are available for different types like romance, comedy-drama, or action on their site, along with many highly rated films, including such gems as Gangs of Wasseypur (2012), Dangal (2016), or Lagaan: Once Upon a Time in India (2001).

People write them too; not only critics but all viewers can express their opinion through the rating system, which contributes greatly to their reputation among others who love watching movies there. What makes IMDb unique among other websites is its extensive collection of films from all over the world, including those produced by the Bollywood industry, where they have detailed information about each film, i.e., cast & crew, etc.; written reviews, both professional and amateurish, are available for reading; plus, you can write your own ones too.

However, what really made it so popular was that it’s easy-to-use interface attracted many users while at the same time having vast knowledge about almost every single movie ever filmed somewhere, which means people trust this source when looking for some information related to any motion picture.


  • Has an extremely wide-ranging database covering every variety imaginable—even Hindi cinema.
  • It’s always interesting to hear opinions other than our own.
  • It is very easy to get around; its simple design means anyone can use it.

2. Rotten Tomatoes

Movie News Websites

Rotten Tomatoes, with its user-friendly interface and easy access to movie information, has been recognized as one of the best sites for reviewing Hindi films. This is where they can find all the necessary data to make informed decisions about what to watch next.

It was designed by Senh Duong in 1998 and has since become an authority when it comes to reviewing films. Rotten Tomatoes covers many different genres, such as romance, comedy, thriller, suspense or drama, among others, so there is something for everyone’s taste buds! Some examples would be “Udaan” (2004), “A Wednesday!” (2008) or even “Dil Chahta Hai,” which came out back then too.

The platform uses a unique rating system called ‘Tomatometer’ that aggregates professional critics’ reviews with audience scores, giving viewers comprehensive insight into how well received any given film might have been by both parties involved; this can be expressed as a percentage.

This percentage represents the number positive reviews from among all submitted ones, while the audience score represents regular movie-going people’s opinion about specific movies they have watched on their own.

What really sets RT apart from every other review site though is its emphasis on collective voices—be it those who write professionally or go see films themselves often enough without being experts in their field, either way should count towards making an accurate judgment call together instead of relying solely upon one group over another!!

For this reason alone, many have come to trust Rotten Tomatoes’ impartiality when trying figure out whether certain flicks were worth watching based off what majority thought was good bad okay, etc.


  • The website provides users with access to a wide selection of Hindi movies across different genres
  • Rotten tomatoes also give a consolidated view of professional critic reviews alongside user ratings
  • It has a unique rating system called tomameter that shows how well received any film was by both critics and audiences.

3. Film Companion

Film Companion

Movie reviews from Film Companion are known for their deep and thoughtful nature as they touch on various genres like drama, romance, thriller or art-house cinema. For instance, it has mentioned some of the best Bollywood films that include “Andhadhun,” among others; this shows how selective they can be with what movies to feature on their site based on critical reception.

But what makes them different is the way these reviewers write such detailed articles about each film, which try to uncover its hidden meanings or discuss technical aspects related to filmmaking, etcetera, thus providing people with a better understanding of the Indian entertainment industry through movies.

Film Companion became famous due to its exceptional content quality and knowledgeable contributors who work hard towards building an intelligent community around analyzing Bollywood flicks.

This means that unlike other platforms where you may find comments like “I love this movie” or “this is trash”, Film Companion users offer more insightful feedbacks such as “The cinematography was great but I felt like there were a few plot holes”, making it easier for readers to get a deeper perspective into any given film review.

Besides, being able to share videos along with written posts also helps them attract wider audiences because visual storytelling tends to capture people’s attention more than mere text would.


  • Reviews that make you think.
  • Video essays and interviews are of high quality.
  • They put things into context critically and culturally.

4. Times of India: Movie Reviews

Times of India

Times of India Movie Reviews is one of the best Hindi movie reviews websites known for its wide Bollywood coverage. It was created by The Times Group and has always been a major player in the industry. They offer movie reviews, news, trailers, interviews and many other categories that cater to different types of Bollywood fans.

Times of India Movie Reviews covers all kinds of Hindi films, from romance to comedy to action and beyond. It features top-rated Bollywood movies like “Gully Boy,” “Dil Chahta Hai,” or “Queen,” showcasing a curated selection of critically acclaimed films. With their extensive coverage and deep analysis, this site became popular among movie lovers everywhere.

What makes Times of India Movie Reviews unique is its affiliation with The Times Of India, a reputed newspaper publication. This association benefits them greatly as it brings along with itself trustworthiness among readerships, therefore attracting more visitors while keeping existing ones satisfied through accurate information dissemination about what’s going on in world cinema, including bollywood too!

Hard work pays off when people recognize your dedication towards quality service delivery, hence becoming preferred source over other competing sites being used for hindi film reviews.


  • They cover a wide range of genres within Indian Cinema.
  • Always stay up-to-date with the latest news, trailers, etc.
  • Affiliated with The Times of India, which adds credibility.
  • A huge library containing many movies that have been released over the years.

5. Firstpost: Movie Reviews


Firstpost Movie Reviews is a well-known site that covers all major Bollywood films. Firstpost, the creator, has gained recognition for being one among the best platforms for perceptive and current movie reviews. Since [release date], Firstpost Movie Reviews has been the go-to source of information for deep and evaluative Hindi movie analysis by film lovers.

It covers a wide array of categories so that there can be something interesting for everyone interested in movies who visits their site. Everything from detailed ratings to interviews with actors and directors are published here on this website called Firstpost Movie Reviews.

They recognize that people have diverse tastes when it comes to entertainment options like these films made in India or other countries around the world, which also produce good-quality content through their cinemas industry .

The writers cover many types, such as mainstream blockbusters as well as independent releases or regional cinema where different languages like tamil telugu kannada Malayalam, etcetera are spoken, thus providing an all-round view into what goes on within Indian showbiz today!

The best-rated Bollywood movies that have been loved by both critics and audiences can be found on this platform. Some examples include Gangs Of Wasseypur , Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge (DDLJ) and Lagaan, among others.

They are too numerous to mention here individually but they are listed down below anyway just because I wanted them noted somewhere so please do not get angry at me if your favourite title didn’t make it onto my list, okay?

The reason why these reviews work so well is because they offer a lot more than most other sites would care to even think about doing—they take into account everything from story telling through acting right up until direction ; cinematography gets its fair share too, don’t worry!


  • Firstpost Movie Reviews provides a detailed study of the story, acting, and directing of a film.
  • Frequently, these reviews bring a new viewpoint and a critical appraisal of the movie’s technicalities.
  • They give their ratings or scores to make it convenient for the readers to quickly understand what the reviewer feels about the film.
  • Most of the Firstpost movie reviews are done by experienced critics who have been working in this field for a long time or journalists affiliated with the entertainment industry.
  • The website caters to popular releases as well as independent films, among others.

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6. Hindustan Times: Movie Reviews

Hindustan Times

According to the Hindustan Times Movie Reviews, it has become one of the best-known sites for Hindi film reviews, which give full scope and penetrating insight into Bollywood cinema. The Hindustan Times: Movie Reviews was built by HT Media Ltd., providing a different channel for movie buffs to explore the world of Hindi films. It covers many categories, such as film review, news, features and interviews, catering to different interests among the audience that loves movies.

The types of Hindi movies reviewed by Hindustan Times include drama, comedy, romance, etc. Some of the top-rated Hindi films, like “Gangs of Wasseypur”, “Piku,” or “Rang De Basanti,” are featured on this site, where they curate movies that have been critically acclaimed. Moreover, its wide-ranging articles combined with detailed analysis and interesting features make it famous among casual viewers as well as ardent cinema lovers.

What makes Hindustan Times- Movie Review unique is its affiliation with Hindustan Times newspaper publication. With the backing of a reputable organization like HT Media Limited, this website enjoys higher traffic rates than other similar websites because people trust what they read there more often due to their reliability in terms of reviewing movies at an expert level and covering them extensively too, thus becoming the best Hindi movie review site.


  • Covers all genres of Hindi films comprehensively.
  • Provides deep reviews along with critical evaluation
  • It gains more trust through association with HT

7. Rediff.com: Movie Reviews


Rediff.com is a website which offers various services, such as news, email, stock quote shopping and movie reviews. It was created by Rediff and has been a major destination for Hindi film fans looking for trustworthy and updated reviews.

Ever since it was launched, Rediff.com: Movie Reviews has become popular as one of the top websites in terms of Hindi Film analysis that provides insights and criticism. Rediff.com: Movie Reviews covers wide range of categories so as to cater to the different interests of its users.

From detailed reviews to interviews with actors and directors, this platform gives you an overall picture about Bollywood or should we say Indian cinema itself. It includes mainstream blockbusters, independent cinema and regional films, thereby giving an all-inclusive view of Indian movies.

The site features highest-rated Hindi films, which are not only critically acclaimed but also loved by audiences across the country. Some of the best-rated Hindi movies on Rediff.com—movie reviews—are ‘Gangs Of Wasseypur’, ‘Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge’, ‘Lagaan’, etc. Theirs is a comprehensive review that helps readers understand these movies better by looking at storytelling, performances, and direction, among other things.


  • It covers all types of hindi movie reviews, from mainstream to independent and regional films.
  • They have different sections, like reviews, interviews, or news articles, under each category.
  • Reviews go into detail, providing critical evaluation about the film.

8. Filmfare: Movie Reviews


Filmfare Movie Reviews is a prestigious online platform that has become one of the leading Hindi movie review websites. Created by Filmfare magazine, it provides an extensive and perceptive examination of the newest releases in Bollywood. By keeping to this promise and making contemporary information available, along with critical estimations, Filmfare: Movie Reviews has gained immense popularity among fans of movies as well as those working within the industry.

The wide range of categories covered by Filmfare Movie Reviews ensures that all aspects of Indian cinema are discussed from different angles so as to provide a more complete understanding thereof.

All types of articles can be found on this site, starting with detailed film reviews up to features about actors or directors themselves or even general observations concerning some trends noticeable within Bollywood at any given time. Moreover, it touches upon romance films but also dramas; action-packed flicks alongside comedies, etc., thus catering for diverse readership interests.

It identifies top-rated Hindi movies which have received critical acclamation and appreciation from audiences worldwide too! Among them are “Gully Boy”, “Andhadhun” or “Dangal”.

In such way, what people need to know is how well these stories were told themselves; what actors brought into life their characters; which soundtracks were used during production., etc.—everything that can help them make better choices when deciding what should watch next weekend evening with friends!


  • They cover a whole range of Hindi movie reviews, categorically dealing with various genres and facets of film-making.
  • It’s an established brand known for its association with Filmfare magazine, which gives it credibility.
  • These insightful appraisals not only tell you whether or not something is worth watching but also why it might be valuable for certain individuals who love thinking deeply about movies.

9. The Indian Express: Movie Reviews

The Indian Express

The Indian Express: Movie Reviews is one of the leading platforms for Hindi film reviews. Established by The Indian Express Group, this website does a deep dive into new releases from Bollywood. Nothing if not current and critical, The Indian Express: Movie Reviews has become popular among fans and professionals alike in the movie industry.

The Indian Express: Movie Reviews covers many different categories to ensure that all aspects of Hindi cinema are represented. This includes everything from lengthy breakdowns of individual films to interviews with directors and actors, giving readers an inclusive look at what’s happening within Indian cinema beyond just what they see on screen. Drama? Check. Romance? Check. Comedy? Thriller? Check, check—you get the idea.

They also highlight some of the top-rated Hindi movies which have been critically acclaimed and loved by audiences worldwide, such as Article 15 (2019), Tumbbad (2018) or Udta Punjab (2016).

These reviews go into depth about storytelling methods used or not used by these films while also talking about acting performances given during them, etc., so anyone reading will be able to know why this particular work is being recognized artistically and culturally speaking too but not limited to entertainment value alone.


  • Covers a wide variety of genres and types of films made in India
  • The interface is easy to use
  • Reviews can be accessed without a subscription

10. Koimoi: Movie Reviews


Regarded as one of the leading platforms for Hindi film reviews, Koimoi Movie Reviews is a highly reputed online platform. Created by the same team behind Koimoi, this website offers an extensive study of the latest releases from Bollywood with the aim of being informative. It has become very popular among movie lovers because it always keeps them updated with knowledge and understanding about various movies being released in Bollywood at any given time.

Koimoi Movie Reviews ensures all-round coverage of Indian cinema through several categories so as not leave anything out and ensure inclusivity within its articles. The portal presents different genres such as action, comedy, and drama, among others, which caters to diverse readership interest regarding movies they watch or read about.

This site showcases the best-rated Hindi films, which have received critical acclaim and public praise too. Some of these top-ranked movies include Bajirao Mastani, Dangal or Uri: A Surgical Strike, according to Koimoi Movie Reviews. They do this by giving detailed information on actors’ performances, the directorial skills employed during filming, the screenplay writer’s work done to bring out desired effect(s) in each scene, etc., thus enabling readers make informed choices when selecting what films should be watched.


  • It provides comprehensive coverage for Hindi movie reviews, complete with box office figures and industry analysis
  • The content provided is engagingly written and well researched to cater for Bollywood fans
  • The design is user-friendly, ensuring easy navigation while browsing through articles

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11. Glamsham: Movie Reviews


Glamsham Movie Reviews is a well-known and reputable website for its excellent Hindi film reviews. The platform was created by Glamsham Entertainment and has gained fame by giving detailed analysis of Bollywood movies. Glamsham Movie Reviews focuses on posting current, extensive pieces to become the ultimate one-stop-shop for all movie lovers who seek trustworthy and informative critiques.

The different categories covered by this site ensure that there is something for everyone interested in Indian cinema; be it mainstream bollywood releases or independent or regional films falling under drama, romance, action or comedy genres, among others. This inclusiveness appeals to readers with diverse tastes, hence giving them a broader understanding about Indian Cinema as an industry.

Glamsham: Movie Reviews features the highest-rated Hindi movies, which have received critical acclaim and captured people’s hearts worldwide. Some examples of such top-rated Indian films showcased on this website include ‘Gully Boy’, ‘Article 15’ and ‘Andhadhun’.

What makes Glamsham Movie Reviews unique is the fact that it offers more than just general overviews; rather, these are done through looking at specific aspects, like artistic merits employed by various directors in their works coupled with storytelling techniques adopted alongside performances delivered therein too, thus making readers truly appreciate them. Such meticulousness accounts for why this particular page has consistently remained popular among cinephiles while also earning trust from industry insiders.


  • There’s a lot of coverage given to reviewing Hindi movies across different genres and categories.
  • These reviews do not just skim through the surface but provide deep insights useful for any fan of films.
  • One gets to know about new releases dropping in Bollywood each day, so they always stay updated if they subscribe here.

12. Scroll.in: Movie Reviews

Scroll.in: Movie Reviews is an eminent internet site which is recognized as one of the greatest sources for Hindi film reviews. Built by Scroll Media Inc., this platform gives you holistic and current knowledge about new Bollywood movies. Scroll.in-Movie Reviews has become a must-visit for movie lovers and industry insiders with its focus on providing deep insights through critical evaluations and in-depth analysis.

The website encompasses a wide range of categories so that there is extensive coverage on diversity within Hindi cinema itself, be it big-budget bollywood flicks or independent & regional films, all catering to different tastes among its readership base. It looks into different types like drama, romance, action, etcetera, giving us an overall view about what’s happening in the world of Hindi movies.

It features top-rated Indian films which have been appreciated not just critically but also by audiences across India. A few of the highest-rated hindi movies showcased on their website are Article 15, Tumbbad and Udta Punjab, among others. The reviews provide detailed insights into story-telling methods used, performances given by actors and actresses involved, the social relevance depicted, and the direction taken up, thereby enabling readers understand them better both artistically & culturally too.


  • It covers various genres and categories of Hindi film reviews.
  • Provides deeper understanding for cinephiles through detailed analysis.
  • Gives information about the latest releases so that people can keep themselves up to date with what’s going on in this industry.

13. Bollywood Life: Movie Reviews

Bollywood Life

Bollywood Life: Movie Reviews is one of the most popular online platforms that provides Hindi movie reviews. Started by a group of film lovers and industry experts, this website aims to offer comprehensive and intelligent analysis about Bollywood movies ever since its establishment. Therefore, it has become a go-to source for information among Indian cinema lovers worldwide.

The site covers various categories under which they review films: drama, romance, action, etc., thus giving readers a panoramic view of what is going on in the Hindi film industry at any given time, ensuring that there’s something for everyone.

Be it commercial blockbusters or small-budget independent movies, storytelling techniques adopted by different directors from all walks of life are scrutinized alongside their execution methods with respect to actors’ performances, otherwise known as acting skills, plus visual production values like cinematography, among others.


  • The site offers comprehensive reviews across genres.
  • It gives deep understanding to movie buffs
  • Gives current information about new releases in Bollywood promptly

14. Bollywood Hungama


Bollywood Hungama is one of the major sites providing Hindi film reviews for various needs of Bollywood lovers. Launched in 1998 by Hungama Digital Media Entertainment Pvt. Ltd., it has become a go-to place for information about movies, be it news, interviews or anything else.

The website offers different categories so that users can get a wide range of information on Indian movies in general and Bollywood in particular. Starting from reviews and ratings to exclusive interviews with actors and directors, etc., there’s nothing related to this industry left untouched by them.

They feature top-rated Hindi films such as Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, Sholay, or Lagaan, which serve as perfect gateway resources towards exploring the best works done under B-town skies! What actually makes Bollywood Hungama stand out among others is their extensive coverage combined with deep analysis when it comes to Indian cinema overall but more specifically towards Hindi films only. Its fame rests on reliable & timely movie reviews, comprehensive news updates, + exclusive stuff not available elsewhere!

All these things do make them different from many other similar portals, but what really sets them apart is the fact that they always try hard (and succeed) in being up to date as much as possible while offering engaging features to their users, who trust them blindly as truest fans of this art form called ‘Bollywood’.


  • Gives new news and Bollywood industry facts.
  • Provides critiques as well as rankings of the just-released films.
  • Celebrity interviews that are not available anywhere else.
  • Debates, discussions, and Bollywood lover forums.
  • Showcases various videos, such as teasers, music videos, and behind-the-scenes footage.

15. BookMyShow: Movie Reviews


BookMyShow: Movie Reviews is a top-rated online platform known as one of the best Hindi movie review websites. The site was created by BookMyShow, a popular entertainment and ticketing platform, to offer comprehensive and reliable reviews for Hindi films. BookMyShow-Movie Reviews has become the ultimate go-to place for film fans who want perceptive insights plus recommendations thanks to its user-friendly interface, updated with new information regularly.

Different genres are covered by this website through various categories, such as drama, romance, action, etc., so that readers can get access to a wide range of Indian movies catering different tastes or interests. It doesn’t just focus on mainstream Bollywood releases; it also features independent and regional cinema, which makes it very inclusive in terms of its coverage of different kinds or types of Hindi films, thus allowing people to explore more within this space called Indian Cinema.

The highly rated Hindi movies with great critical acclaim and huge audience response are showcased at BookMyShow-Movie Reviews. Some examples of such films include Dangal, Uri: The Surgical Strike and Bajrangi Bhaijaan, among others.

The unique thing about this platform is that, apart from reviewing movies, they have integrated their services into a larger bookmyshow ecosystem where users can seamlessly do everything related to watching movies, like reading reviews, booking tickets, etc., all under one roof. Therefore, the convenience brought by this integration has played a part towards making the bookmyshow-movie reviews site popular among many movie lovers.


  • They cover most categories when it comes down to doing hindi movie reviews
  • It works together with book my Show, which allows users not only read but also book tickets while still being able interact socially within the cinemasphere
  • So easy anyone can use


The 15 websites listed provide a comprehensive resource for Indian movie reviews, catering to a wide range of tastes and preferences. From user-generated ratings to in-depth analysis by professional critics, these platforms offer valuable insights to help movie enthusiasts make informed decisions on what to watch. Whether you’re a Bollywood buff or a fan of regional cinema, there is something for everyone on these websites. By exploring the diverse perspectives and opinions shared on these platforms, you can enhance your movie-watching experience and discover hidden gems within the Indian film industry. Take advantage of these valuable resources to stay up-to-date with the latest releases and engage in lively discussions about Indian cinema.


Can I trust the reviews on this website?

Yes, we have a panel of skilled and neutral evaluators who share their true thoughts about Indian movies.

How often are your movie reviews updated?

We keep our movie reviews fresh by frequently updating them in order to provide you with the most current information about Indian films.

Do the movie reviews contain any spoilers?

All the same, we attempt not to disclose too much information when doing these appraisals so that you can still have some surprises while watching the films.

Can I contribute my own review of an Indian movie to this website?

For now, we do not accept user-submitted evaluations, but that doesn’t mean we don’t care; therefore, feel free to air your views through commenting.

Do you cater to all genres of Indian cinema in your reviews?

Definitely, yes! We critique various types, including Bollywood, regional language pictures, documentaries, and independent films, among others.

Are the ratings given based on subjectivity or objectivity?

Our rating system is both subjective and objective; this means that our reviewers use certain standards, like acting skills displayed by actors and actresses, along with other technicalities, such as cinematography, but at times they also give their opinions.

What should I do if I want to be aware every time there is new content about movies published on your site?

Just subscribe via email or follow us through social media handles so that whenever anything related to film critics comes up here, be it a review or update, rest assured that timely alerts will reach you promptly!

Is there a mobile app for accessing these movie reviews?

Presently, no application specifically designed for mobile gadgets exists; however, one can easily access our mobile-friendly website, which has all the details concerning different cinematic works, even while traveling, etcetera.

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