20 Best Anime Series of All Time

Because there are so many anime options, people who have never watched them may not know where to begin. Fortunately, there are a handful of shows that can be considered good representatives for each genre.

For fans of any literary or cinematic style, Japanese animation offers something for everyone and anyone. In fact, it has created several unofficial genres which have become increasingly popular in recent times. All aspects of anime have grown incredibly rich and varied throughout the years, and so too has its audience.

If one is a first-timer in the world of television animation from Japan, he or she might feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of series, both good and bad, that exist, ranging across various quality levels.

To understand what anime is like as fully as possible at once, newbies should try out at least one short show from every major category. Then they can find other titles within their favourites.

Top 20 Anime Series for All Ages

Anime has taken over the world of entertainment with its one-of-a-kind narratives, lively visuals, and wide array of personalities. Anime is an entire universe where you can find everything from grandiose adventures to touching love stories. In this piece, we will present the definitive catalogue: 20 Best Anime Series Ever Made, which comprises works acknowledged as such by viewers or experts (or both).

If you are an experienced otaku or just beginning your journey through animation media, be sure to read through this extensive article that covers all bases in terms of quality anime representation!

1. Mobile Suit Gundam: Witch From Mercury (2022)

Mobile Suit Gundam: Witch From Mercury (2022)

Suletta Mercury has recently joined Asticassica School of Technology. Being an introvert, she sets several objectives for herself during this period, including the dream of establishing a school on Mercury, her home planet.

But her days in the institution are numbered; soon after Suletta’s arrival at the school, she engages in a mecha duel against Guel Jeturk, who is recognized as the best pilot there. This was no ordinary contest: the victor was to become the fiancé (or fiancée) of one of solar system’s mightiest CEOs’ daughters. And so it happens that, due to her conduct, suletta steers everything towards another direction, not just hers but also others around.

Mobile Suit Gundam can be difficult to get into, even if you’re already well-versed in many other greats from this genre, such as Evangelion or Code Geass. However, The Witch From Mercury is set in an alternate universe where knowledge about previous gundam installments isn’t needed for investment. If anything, my issue with Suletta Mercury is how much I liked her — it’s all downhill for main heroes in Gundam from here on out!

2. Samurai Champloo (2004)

Samurai Champloo (2004)

A young girl named Fuu Kasumi saves the lives of two very different samurai who were about to kill each other. To thank her, she hires them as her bodyguards while she looks for a samurai who smells like sunflowers. The job is simple but hard: there are no clues, and three people with very different personalities have to work together before they shoot each other.

Samurai Champloo is the second major series after Cowboy Bebop from director Shinichirou Watanabe. Whereas Bebop mixed jazz music with space travel, Champloo blends hip-hop and samurai swords—and it works surprisingly well. This show has a fantastic style all its own; most anime can only wish to be this cool, and it demonstrates that animation can still be great even if you don’t normally like cartoons.

3. That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime (2021)

That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime (2021)

Although it is not a recognized literary or cinematic genre, many people think of isekai as a subgenre of anime and manga. For them to do that, they need some rules about what an isekai story should be like, because otherwise it would just be any other story. There are some experimental or meta series within this category, like Konosuba, while others have more traditional settings.

If a person who has recently started watching anime does not mind keeping track of many characters at once, then I recommend That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime because it is an optimistic and inspiring isekai fantasy series that tells the story of Rimuru Tempest, who starts off being overpowered. It embodies everything good about Isekai and avoids what’s bad with them too.

4. Dr. Stone (2019)

Dr. Stone (2019)

Senku Ishigami is a high school student who, along with his friends Taiju and Yuzuriha, gets turned into stone. The rest of the world is petrified too. After thousands of years, he wakes up. Only science masters can do that. Senku wants to bring humanity back to what it was before they was frozen for millennia. Everything he does is in service of this goal: making a rocket to leave the Earth and visit the moon.

Doctor Stone exceeds most people’s expectations for another shonen manga out of Weekly Shonen Jump. It’s not another hot-blooded protagonist; it’s Senku, who uses logic above all else.

Brains, not brawn, are his way through life now, as seen by this story, which focuses on him surviving using smarts rather than strength while trapped in a world where mankind has regressed back into prehistoric times. This book should be read just because you get such satisfaction from watching what happens when someone as intelligent like Senku takes charge!

5. Trigun (1998 Original)

Trigun (1998 Original)

Vash the Stampede is known as the sixty-billion-dollar man. They say he’s the deadliest of all of them alive, and if you’re unlucky enough to cross paths with him, you’re as good as dead.  Still, like most tall tales, there’s a hint of truth buried deep in there somewhere. So what is Vash, really? A hero or a killer?

Well, it turns out he’s actually a big softy who’s more concerned with love and peace than hurting anyone.  You know the old saying: “Peace sells, but who’s buying”? That pretty much sums up our main character!

But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t plenty of people trying to cash in on his head—two insurance agents being foolish enough to get themselves caught up in all this mess just so happen upon some very interesting facts about Mr.Stampede while they’re at it

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6. Spy x Family (2022)

Spy x Family (2022)

Loid Forger is an operative from Ostania whose mission is to maintain the truce with Westalis. But he’s finding his latest task hard to swallow: the prominent politician only ever appears at his son’s private school.

So, in order to get near him, Loid has no choice but to take in an orphan, Anya, and enrol her in Eden Academy, which is easier said than done as its stringent entry requirements have also forced him into having to adopt a girl called Yor. With no-one in the family aware that he’s a spy, or indeed that his wife is actually an assassin keeping him under surveillance, things are further complicated when it turns out that little Anya can read minds.

However, Spy x Family isn’t your typical shonen series by any means. In fact, fighting barely even registers on its radar; rather, it focuses on this most unusual of families attempting to achieve something supremely normal.

And anyone new to anime needn’t worry—all three characters are instantly lovable (well, maybe not the husband), while CloverWorks and Wit Studio provide animation of the highest calibre that will keep eyes dazzled throughout.

7. My Hero Academia (2016)

My Hero Academia (2016)

One of shonen anime’s modern “big three” is My Hero Academia. Still, it is different from Bleach, Naruto, and One Piece in that it keeps the demographic current while treading on its pioneers’ footsteps. It boasts a vibrant cast of characters that work together like gears in a machine. Izuku Midoriya, Katsuki Bakugo and Shoto Todoroki make up the central trio.

In this world, 80% of humanity has a quirk or supernatural ability. Some people don’t just sit by idly after discovering their powers; they strive to become heroes. The main character, Izuku, had always wanted to be a hero, even though he was born without any quirks.

He gained one when he met his idol, All Might, who also helped him get into U.A. High School, where he could learn how to use his newfound abilities better than anywhere else while training under other aspiring heroes, looking forward to saving those in need like themselves someday too. All might have told him that if only he could master this power, then surely becoming number one won’t be so hard anymore!

8. Haikyu!! (2014)

Haikyu!! (2014)

Sports anime is a big subgenre. If a game exists, there’s most likely an anime about it. Not everyone likes volleyball, but Haikyu!! could make anyone a fan of the sport. It combines the best shonen tropes with sports metaphors to tell the engaging story of Shoyo Hinata becoming Japan’s greatest player. Though he is short in height, Shoyo is naturally nimble and has unparalleled leaping ability.

Shoyo isn’t a genius, but his physical feats make him perfect partner for Tobio Kageyama on the court, who is known as the ‘King of the Court’. Shoyo and Tobio start playing together on the Karasuno High School team and lead their club all the way to the nationals. The characters in Haikyu!! are many but not overwhelming; there’s at least one or two for every kind of person.

9. Fruits Basket (2019 Reboot)

Fruits Basket (2019 Reboot)

The original 2001 adaptation of Fruits Basket hardly scratched the surface. But in 2019, the reboot tells the whole story of Tohru and the Sohma family. Fruits Basket is a juggernaut among shojo anime and a must-see for any fan. The show follows Tohru Honda after her mother dies and she becomes homeless, living in a tent on Sohma land until a typhoon collapses it.

However, she quickly discovers that this is no ordinary clan. Some members are cursed by the spirits of the zodiac—iif hugged by a person of the opposite sex, they turn into their respective animals from the Chinese Zodiac calendar.

As Tohru works to break it and heal their multigenerational trauma while confronting her own griefs at once, Fruits Basket remains just as whimsical as it is tearjerking, thus making it an ideal choice for new fans of anime.

10. Attack On Titan (2013)

Attack On Titan (2013)

Humanity has huddled within three walls in Attack On Titan to keep safe from Titans who eat people. After one of the walls was broken and his hometown destroyed, with his mother killed by a Titan, Eren Yeager joined the Survey Corps. Every anime fan must watch Attack On Titan.

Shonen anime didn’t change the game or raise expectations for what should be anticipated from the genre after its 2013 premiere. The series gives us something to think about — not everything is as it seems; everyone loses in war. Proving that anime are not just glorified children’s cartoons, Attack On Titan blurs the line between hero and villain.

11. One-Punch Man (2015)

One-Punch Man (2015)

One-Punch Man is good for individuals who want to start watching anime and have already been fans of Marvel or other superhero franchises. It’s also the best superhero show, if you’re sick of superheroes. Although belonging to the seinen demographic, this series parodies shonen tropes.

Saitama is a typical overpowered protagonist; however, he differs greatly from Goku. Actually, Saitama dislikes being extremely strong because everyone becomes too weak to give him a fair battle. After all, he can annihilate any person with only one hit. But One-Punch Man is not serious at all; while it sticks by some clichés, it tells an interesting story by tastily deconstructing the most artificial sides of anime according to them

12. Demon Slayer (2019)

Demon Slayer (2019)

Anime boasts many great shonen action series. It has titles like Bleach, One Piece and Naruto, which are referred to as the “big three”, as well as more recent shows like Attack on Titan and Jujutsu Kaisen. However, if you’re new to anime, none of these compare to Demon Slayer.

Demon Slayer is brief but impactful; it is perfect for beginners. Not only that, but it also has a good cast of characters that people love, stunning animation, awesome fight scenes and a nice setting in early Japan. Shonen can’t get much better than this!

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13. Komi Can’t Communicate (2021)

Komi Can't Communicate (2021)

A genre of unofficial school life series exists in the realm of anime, taking place in contemporary high schools, which are a familiar backdrop for Japanese anime fans. These shows also embody more established genres like comedy, drama or romance, so it is recommended that any new anime fan try watching some highschool series.

Komi Can’t Communicate is a good starter for this genre; it’s a heartwarming and light-hearted series about a shy protagonist named Shoko Komi who has set a goal of making 100 friends. Having watched Komi, one can move on to Toradora!, Nisekoi, Don’t Toy With Me, Ms. Nagatoro!

14. Death Note (2006)

Death Note (2006)

Death Note is a fantastic crime story for any TV viewer who wants excitement. Death Note tells the story of Light Yagami, a brilliant yet deranged high school student and his mission to alter the world with a supernatural homicide diary.

As Kira’s violent campaign catches global notice, the world’s greatest detective, L, vows to catch this unknown murderer by any means necessary. This game of cat and mouse rivals any mystery novel dear to Western hearts in terms of intellectual engagement.

15. Tenga Toppa Gurren Lagann (2007)

Tenga Toppa Gurren Lagann (2007)

If you are a new anime fan who loves sci-fi with giant robots and space odysseys, then Tenga Toppa Gurren Lagann is highly recommended for you. Also called Gurren Lagann, this shonen legend is about Simon, the child who will reach the earth’s surface by breaking through from the underground.

His sidekick is a very powerful mecha that Simon pilots along with some of his friends. A lot of sci-fi firepower would be needed for them to fight their way through in the second part of Gurren Lagann, where they face an entirely new enemy from outside known space; this being should present itself as an unimaginable horror even to most astute science-fiction fans.

16. Grand Blue (2018)

Grand Blue (2018)

Finding the seinen comedy series, Grand Blue, is not a simple task because it can only be accessed on Amazon Prime Video, but it’s worth watching for those who use Amazon Prime. College stories or lighthearted humor fans are sure to enjoy Grand Blue as it revolves around Iori Kitahara and his college life at the diving club.

Wild beer parties, crazy jokes, lovable, expressive characters—all of these plus beautiful underwater scenery were beautifully portrayed in this animation. Also, there is some educational value involved with diving and ocean stuff; however, mainly, this show is just hilarious and should be the number one choice for anyone looking for comedies among anime series.

17. Horimiya (2021)

Horimiya (2021)

There is a huge range of romance series in the anime industry that you could try if you’ve been around for long enough. Maid Sama! is one such show; it’s best suited towards people who already know their way around anime and what is expected from them.

For beginners, however, I would recommend Horimiya, which is a much more light-hearted take on the genre. It avoids most forms of drama or heartbreak and doesn’t really deviate from established norms at all.

This might not sound appealing to someone who has already seen a ton of anime romances, but starting off with an easy watch like this can be very comforting after going through something as intense as White Album 2 or School Days.

18. Another (2009)

Another (2009)

For those who love horror movies, the anime field can be quite disappointing. This is because the animation industry tends to produce clean, cartoonish visuals, which do not lend themselves very well to visceral horror. Nevertheless, a horror fan seeking something different may want to try out some horror anime for a change, and they might just find what they’re looking for.

Although the Junji Ito Collection pales in comparison with Mr. Ito’s original manga works, Another is still a good scary show that has eerie music; it creates an atmosphere of suspense and fear. The characters are creepy and they die brutally so any fan of this genre will be satisfied with this series.

19. Cowboy Bebop (2001)

Cowboy Bebop (2001)

The ’90s anime series Cowboy Bebop is a short but beloved show; if you like Firefly, you’re almost certain to enjoy the space cowboy adventures of Spike Spiegel and his misfit crew aboard the Bebop. Even if you only have a passing familiarity with the genre, you’ve probably heard of it — but don’t let Netflix’s disastrous live-action adaptation fool you: Cowboy Bebop is one of the greatest animated programs ever made.

Cowboy Bebop boasts stellar animation, moody jazz music, thrilling fight scenes, imaginative set pieces and more for any newcomer to the medium to savor. After finishing up with this series, a fan might want to try others such as Steins, Gate, or Ghost in the Shell for further anime sci-fi satisfaction.

20. Vinland Saga (2019)

Vinland Saga (2019)

It is not the case that all Japanese animated series happen in a different world or during the modern era of Japan. For example, Vinland Saga is set in medieval times and thus Western television enthusiasts who have started watching anime ought to feel right at home with it; in fact, it should draw those who enjoyed Vikings live-action TV show.

The Vinland Saga is a brief yet captivating adventure tale from the Middle Ages featuring Thorfinn Karlsefni as its gruff protagonist antihero, whose ultimate goal is to kill Askeladd, the Viking commander responsible for his father’s death, and avenge Thors Karlsefni. But there’s one thing he hasn’t figured out yet: sometimes vengeance isn’t sweet.


Anime has taken over the world of entertainment with its one-of-a-kind narratives, lively visuals, and wide array of personalities. Anime is an entire universe where you can find everything from grandiose adventures to touching love stories. In this piece, we will present the definitive catalogue: 20 Best Anime Series Ever Made, which comprises works acknowledged as such by viewers or experts (or both). If you are an experienced otaku or just beginning your journey through animation media, be sure to read through this extensive article that covers all bases in terms of quality anime representation!

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