10 Best Movie News Websites for Entertainment Lovers

Looking for the best sources of movie news? In today’s fast-paced world, where entertainment news is just a click away, staying informed about upcoming movie releases has never been easier. The realm of movie news websites offers a plethora of options, but navigating through the sea of information can be overwhelming. We have curated a list of the best movie news websites that cater to all your cinematic cravings in one convenient spot.

Whether you’re interested in reviews, interviews with filmmakers and actors, or breaking industry scoops, these top-notch platforms are your go-to sources for everything film-related. Let’s dive into the exciting world of cinema journalism and explore the cream of the crop when it comes to staying updated on all things movies. 

Top 10 Entertainment News Websites for Movie Lovers

Grab your popcorn and settle in as we unveil the ultimate guide to satisfying your silver screen cravings with the best movie news websites around! Here is a list of some top-notch websites to help you keep up with the latest movies and TV programs.

1. The Internet Movie Database (IMDb)

Movie News Websites

In 1990, Col Needham began to create an online database of information about movies, television series, home videos, video games and streaming content. Amazon currently owns and operates IMDb. As of March 2023, the site has had over 8.5 million registered users and received over 100 million unique visitors per month.

TV fans or anyone interested in cinema or related activities can find something useful on this website. Users are allowed to rank movies, TV serials, etc., as well as leave their comments on films they have seen. Moreover, there is also trivia about actors and actresses who perform in a movie or show, along with data concerning box office ticket sales. Despite being free to use by any user, IMDb offers a paid service known as IMDbPro that provides more functions for its subscribers.

The IMDb news is written by a team of experienced journalists who are film enthusiasts. This means that you can trust what you read here because it’s genuine and well-researched content. However, the news isn’t just about mainstream Hollywood productions; it is also available for indie films, foreign language cinema and international television shows like Telenovelas from South America or Soap Operas from Japan.

Therefore, trailers are frequently included in news pieces along with videos and reviews by people who watch them at home or at theaters while going through one such piece; without doubt, IMDb is an authoritative source of film updates.

2. Rotten Tomatoes

Movie News Websites

Rotten Tomatoes is a site that picks up reviews of movies and TV shows. Senh Duong, Patrick Y. Lee, and Stephen Wang, three students at the University of California, Berkeley, founded this business in August 1998. Although rotten tomatoes are commonly thrown by viewers whenever they watch poor performances on the stage, Duong, Lee and Wang took their idea for the name “Rotten Tomatoes” from a similar event in Léolo, a Canadian movie made in 1992.

The Rotten Tomatoes uses the Tomatometer as a form of ranking movies and TV shows based on favorable reviews given by select reviewers. For any movie or television program to earn its Tomato-meter score, it must have at least five reviews. A film can be considered “fresh” if its Tomatometer score is above 60%, while one below 59% is said to be “rotten.”

For individuals who love going to theaters and watching TVs when new films come out, Rotten Tomatoes is an ideal place for them to visit. There are various news pieces about films and television programs featured on the site. These articles cover areas such as newly released movies, box office updates, casting revelations, and behind-the-scenes shaded scenes, among other elements. What’s more? Interviews with actors, directors & others involved in showbiz could also be found on RottenTomato.com website.

3. Screenrant.com

Movie News Websites

Screen Rant is an entertainment website that covers subjects on movies, TV shows, video games and comic books. The company was founded by Vic Holtreman in 2003, with its corporate office located in Ogden, Utah. It has since grown into a larger organization, with offices in New York City and Los Angeles.

The site employs over 100 professional writers and editors from across the industry. They provide extensive coverage on the latest showbiz news and developments. These interviews are exclusively available on Screen Rant with actors, directors, and producers, some of whom frequent its pages. Some of the prominent newspapers that have featured these articles include The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and The Washington Post, which are also often shared via social media.

Aside from these differences between this site and other websites about movies such as television shows’, video games’ or comic books’, it is important to note how up-to-date screenrant’s news section is. It is Screen Rant too, where you can find best interviews ever plus behind-the-scenes materials. Additionally, their movie site provides various types of movie news media like podcasts, articles or videos, that will meet any user’s taste.

4. Collider

Movie News Websites

Collider is one of the most popular portals for show business. It has been created for people who love cinema. The website is updated every day with the latest news, trailers, interviews, and reviews. In addition to articles written by a team of experienced journalists and critics, Collider offers an enormous amount of various videos: interviews with actors and directors, predictions and explanations of different films and series, and round tables where all the recent hot topics are being discussed.

What sets Collider apart from other film websites is its multifacetedness. It does not just concentrate on Hollywood blockbusters or independent art-house projects but covers everything in between those two extremes as well, including Asian cinema or European arthouse dramas that would usually go unnoticed by most mainstream media outlets. It does not matter if you are a Marvel fanboy or someone who only watches black-and-white silent movies; Collider has something for everyone.

One more thing worth mentioning about this platform is its staff. They know their stuff when it comes to movies; they have seen them all, from classics like “Gone With the Wind” (1939) to recent hits such as “Black Panther” (2018). As a result, their reviews are always interesting because they can compare each new release with similar ones from the past, which helps readers better understand what makes certain works stand out while others fade into obscurity soon after their premiere.

The writers also do not shy away from criticizing even beloved franchises like Star Wars or Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). For example, there was once an article titled “Why ‘The Last Jedi’ Is A Bad Movie,” in which the author explained why he did not enjoy Rian Johnson’s entry in the Skywalker saga. This level of honesty creates trust between them and their audience because no one wants to feel like they are being fed propaganda instead of getting honest opinions about what they should watch next weekend.

Moreover, besides written content such as articles or reviews, Collider also produces a lot of different audio-visual materials like podcasts or videos. These feature discussions between staff members on various topics related to the film industry, where they can freely express their thoughts and opinions about anything, from new releases or upcoming trailers to industry news and events. This creates a sense of community among readers who frequent the website regularly because it feels like being part of something bigger than just reading another review written by a faceless critic.

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5. First Showing

Movie News Websites

For starters, FirstShowing.net is a website that offers comprehensive media coverage about big-budget and independent movies, current information about cinema goers’ experiences and the bond between Hollywood and its audience.

This site provides news, interviews, reviews and previews across the spectrum of movie-making. There is also a forum where members can discuss films or anything else related to them. So it is popular among both film buffs and industry professionals alike. Most commendations may be attributed to its exhaustive coverage as well as the detailed movie reviews provided by it.

At all times, FirstShowing.net keeps its readers up to date with what’s happening in the film-making world. The site has everything, including casting news and box office numbers. A team of experienced critics who operate on this site rate recent releases. Also, you can chat with some of the biggest names in Hollywood, like Boots Riley, director; Darya Zhuk, director from Belarus; and Jennifer Kent, director.

6. Hollywood.com

Movie News Websites

Hollywood.com is a website which provides news, reviews, trailers and other entertainment-related stuff about movies, television, music and Broadway shows. Hollywood Media designed it in 1993 as their own. As of now, this website gets more than ten million unique visitors every month, indicating its popularity. Besides English, the website can also be accessed in Spanish.

A group of journalists who track events in show business work on Hollywood.com. The site also gives an exclusive look into upcoming films and TV programs, as well as providing one-on-one interviews with famous stars.

Also, there are write-ups about Broadway plays, music CDs, TV shows and movies at the movie site. These reviews give straightforward and concise information for readers trying to decide on what to watch or listen to. Furthermore, the site offers the most recent future movie trailers and television series too. They are superb videos that offer an insight of what to expect from future productions. If you want to talk about entertainment, then there is also a forum for that.

7. Budomate Magazine

Budomate Magazine

Budomate Magazine is an online publishing platform that focuses on action and kung fu movies. It was started by Roman Zaytsev in 2009, who loves watching movies and wanted to bring together enthusiasts of action movies. The articles in the magazine are diverse, with topics ranging from interviews with actors and directors to film reviews and background information on the culture of action films.

While Budomate Magazine covers both Hollywood and independent action films, it concentrates more on Asian ones. Most writings in Budomate Magazine are centered on martial arts, often mixing methods as well as philosophies. For instance, Budomate Magazine asked how martial arts “zen” could be done. This will help one know how much they can do about it or even improving their skills; hence, it is worth reading.

Moreover, this journal frequently features interviews with upcoming martial artists, giving insights into their personal lives, which reveals more about the people behind these characters’ actions.

8. Film Threat

Film Threat

Film Threat isn’t just another website that talks about movies; it is a place to find news on independent and alternative films. Film Threat focuses on exposing new directors and unusual films; therefore, they have an interesting outlook on the movie world. While other popular websites may concentrate their attention towards big-budget blockbusters, Film Threat exposes small treasures that are not widely recognized.

Supporting indie voices within the industry is one of the great things about Film Threat. By critiquing, interviewing, and featuring indie filmmakers, Film Threat is able to show off fresh faces with unique ways of storytelling.

If you’re a person who wants more than Hollywood’s standard offerings , this site is perfect for discovering new movies that are exhilarating and also learning about directors who will continue releasing amazing work in the future.

9. AllMovie


AllMovie, a commercial database, holds knowledge concerning movies, series and actors. First established by Michael Erlewine in 1998 as AllMusic and AllGame, it is being used by tens of thousands of distributors and merchants for their shops, websites, and kiosks. From basic media data on the cast and crew to scripts, expert reviews, associated websites, etc., AllMovie has a variety of information.

The editorial team at AllMovie does research work to collect information while also producing news write-ups on films and television programs on various subjects, including recent releases, future films, awards and actor news. These pieces of news are also available through other media outlets but are posted on the website of AllMovie too.

The content is concise and simple, with the objective of informing or entertaining readers. For example, news about new series or movies contain such details as the names of actors who played parts in it; the staff that worked behind the scenes; the story line and its critical reception. On the other hand, coverage of award ceremonies like Grammys’, Golden Globes’ or Oscars’ ceremonies gives out details about who was nominated for what category or who won which award, with performances included in them.

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10. Filmsite.org


If you are a classic movie lover, a student, a cinema visitor or anyone who is passionate about the best films of the 20th century, then you should visit the award-winning website Filmsite.org. It was established in 1996 by Tim Dirks, a senior film editor and film historian, as an all-encompassing information resource on old Hollywood and American movies as well as international films, documentaries, and TV movies.

There is frequently new content for free on Filmsite.org. It acts as an important tool for anybody interested in knowing more about the context of filmmaking and classical films. It offers detailed knowledge of the history of cinema, including Academy Awards (Oscars), major events, and milestones in the industry, as well as background information and synopses on hundreds of classic Hollywood, American, & other English-language-based films from the last 100 years.

Several awards have been given to this website, including its recognition by Roger Ebert among his top twenty movie websites. The site won two recent awards: the People’s Voice Webby Award for Best Reference Site in 2021 and the Webby Award for Best Educational Site in 2022.


For someone who loves movies, the most important thing is to keep up with the latest news. It is necessary to be able to select credible websites offering timely and accurate information because there are many options available on the internet. These sites give a complete view of what is happening in the film industry, including breaking stories, interviews not found anywhere else, and reviews, among other things, so they should be considered. When we go to such top movie news platforms frequently, it helps us in two ways: first, we get first-hand information about current cinema that can make our watching more interesting, and second, we get an opportunity to talk with other fans through comment sections or forums. Stay entertained while being informed! Remember your favorite cinema site today.


What characteristics do you use to decide which are the best websites about films?

We think in terms of trustworthiness, how often they are updated, kinds of stuff they post and amount of interaction users have with them.

Are the movie news websites recommended on your site biased towards specific genres or studios?

We’re trying hard to include as many different genres and studios as possible into our list of suggested movie news sites.

Do I need to pay to access the content on these movie news websites?

Most of them have basic content accessible for free but some may charge extra money if you want additional features with premium subscription models.

How often are the rankings and recommendations updated on your site?

Based upon feedback from people who visit us regularly or work in this field, we will review ranking once a while when something new happens around here; otherwise, it stays untouched forever so there’s no need to worry about it too much unless there’s really important change going on somewhere near by, like big event taking place right now or similar things where lots of visitors suddenly become interested again, etc.

Are there any user reviews or ratings available for these recommended movie news websites?

Although not directly hosted by us but instead offered through separate systems employed by various platforms across web, yes, indeed, many such places do offer those kinds of rating and review options, allowing users share thoughts and experiences with others who might share same interests .

Do you have any partnerships or affiliations with the movie news websites listed on your site?

We try our very best to maintain editorial independence; what that means is that we don’t partner or affiliate directly with any of them.

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